We deliver strategies, services, and products that build shareholder value from intellectual assets.

About Us

Our business aim is to make IP transparent and simple to understand for everyone, and to allow our clients to demonstrate IP Sophistication™ in managing this area.

Education and Awareness

We provide training, education and awareness on IP. We have presented at the EVCA’s IPR Master Class in 2015 and 2016 to VC and PE audiences (with excellent ratings for relevance and clarity) and to the European Patent Office’s IP Business Conference and the European Leadership Program’s CEO training sessions, again with excellent ratings.

Our Service

IP Strategy

Does your business have an intellectual property (IP) strategy? The vast majority do not, or believe that a vague set of policies and a few patent filings represents a strategy. A properly implemented IP Strategy can build added shareholder value, even in a tough economic climate. ipVA creates and implements IP strategies that deliver practical results for businesses throughout the world.

IP Governance™

Do you know what questions to ask of your business to understand if its IP is being effectively managed? ipVA has developed eight IP governance modules that provide answers to these questions and build a framework for effective IP management and reporting. These modules embed IP awareness and transparency into your business.

IP Benchmarking™

Do you know how your IP quality and management compares to your competitors? Do you know how your IP governance measures up against the world’s leading IP companies? Companies demonstrating IP sophistication and management demonstrably and consistently out-perform their markets and competitors. ipVA can compare you to the best.

Achieving Business Goals

We act for VC and PE investors at all three stages of a typical investment; diligence, holding period and exit, and combine our world-class human capital with our proprietary tools and methodologies around innovation, invention, and IP.

Our Blog


Why Did We Invent a New Portable Car Jack

Car jacks are one of the most essential tools which are mostly used for lifting cars, trucks and other kind of vehicles. The technique of lifting car is not new. There are two types of jacks, mechanical and hydraulic. The mechanical cars such as scissor jacks are screw jacks are...
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Effects of New Technology on Modern Conveniences of Life

No doubt, as technology improves, societies can change dramatically with the implementation of such technological advances. In order to fully understand the impact that these improvements have on everyday life, one only needs to look back 100 years ago. In fact, the last century...
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Behind the Scenes at the Nortel Auction

For anyone who may have been away from an internet connection for the past couple of weeks, the auction was held last week in New York to sell off the now bankrupt Nortel’s 6000 strong patent portfolio. The patents covered LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, social media, semiconductor, and a...
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Google-we really really hope that you know what you are doing!

Google’s widely reported acquisition of Motorola Mobility is continuing the run of the prominence of IP and specifically patent reporting in the financial press. The FT runs a very good insights piece here, though you’ll need to activate an account to read it. I’ll come back to...
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