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November 2008

Introducing the Intangible Handbook

November 12, 2008

As part of my role as Head of Research at ipVA, I’ve started a series of articles introducing the basics of intellectual property on the ipVA site, which we’re calling the Intangible Handbook. Each article contains an introduction to the concepts involved in protecting intangibles in under 5 minutes (about 500-800 words). We’ve aimed the […]

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Collaboration and the IP services market

November 10, 2008

This post is expanded from a comment by Andrew and is reproduced here to start the debate on collaboration among IP service providers. — JH When I first met Joff Wild of IAM in September 2003 the market for IP services could best be described as evangelist/very early adopter (in MBA speak). Joff migrated IAM […]

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Scottish funding trends in the downturn

November 5, 2008

Over the weekend the FT ran a piece on a recent report by Scottish Enterprise on the risk capital market in Scotland Scottish start-ups could face funding gap. The highlights: Angel investors are moving to a “cradle-to-exit model”, thus changing the more standard model of angel-to-VC; Overall investment in 2006 and 2007 went up (£85m […]

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