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December 2008

Happy holidays

by Andrew Watson on 19 December 2008

No matter what you celebrate, have a happy holiday season.  We’ll be taking a break here at Tangible IP and with some of the content up on the main ipVA site.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get something for the season:

We have a new RSS to email service via Feedburner for the ipVA News feed. Sign up here.

I’ve also done the same with the Tangible IP feed — sign up for that here.

You can also follow Tangible IP through twitter (mostly just posts from this blog – you can still follow my personal twitter feed if you like).

Thanks for reading.

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IPReader links for 15 December

by Andrew Watson on 15 December 2008

New and noteworthy links from around the web through to 15 December:


Russian emoticons and a brief update

December 12, 2008

Via Huffington Post comes this story about a Russian entrepreneur who has trademarked the winking smiley face emoticon 😉 sending the IM and texting public into a frenzy. I especially like how he apparently thinks he can treat his “trademark” like a patent and try to require a licence out of anyone who uses it: […]

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IP strategists: Management consultants or lawyers?

December 4, 2008

In keeping up with previous posts on the topic, I’ve been thinking a bit more about what IP strategists are as a profession. Are we management consultants or lawyers? Or is there a “third way”? Patent attorneys in particular are good at achieving specific targets when given – patent widgetX or litigate widgetY, but can […]

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