Collaboration and the IP services market

by Andrew Watson on 10 November 2008

This post is expanded from a comment by Andrew and is reproduced here to start the debate on collaboration among IP service providers. — JH

When I first met Joff Wild of IAM in September 2003 the market for IP services could best be described as evangelist/very early adopter (in MBA speak). Joff migrated IAM away from the negative commentary (“Europe is terrible at IP!”) angle in 2004-05 and started to showcase innovations in the emerging IP market. IV, Coller IP Capital (Forbes article) and Ocean Tomo have been excellent examples of innovators leading the way, and they deserve huge credit. But we are still very early in the game.

From here I’d like to see the jigsaw puzzle of models and experts start to join itself together and to start collaborating and sharing. By doing so we could try to move a small market into a large market. We all have no doubt fallen over and made mistakes as we’ve grown our businesses: Why shouldn’t we share those experiences for all of our benefit? Nobody should want the current state of IP as irrelevant to 90% of CEO’s and business people to continue.

If you want a superb example of market players joining up look at femtoforum. This industry forum (around home low power mobile wireless access) was a work of IP genius by Will Franks at Ubiquisys — a forum where the industry collaborates around a given technology. This is based on an ethos that having 100% of a micro market is way worth less than having 5% of a monster sized market.

I think that both Duncan‘s IP strategists group and David Jones’s Golden Triangle IP group could play significant roles with this sort of ethos and mission. We also mentioned recently to Ocean Tomo that their international alliance (which we joined in 2006) needs a renewed collaborative focus.

Why not? We at ipVA are open and fully willing to support this.

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