Happy holidays

by Andrew Watson on 19 December 2008

No matter what you celebrate, have a happy holiday season.  We’ll be taking a break here at Tangible IP and with some of the content up on the main ipVA site.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get something for the season:

We have a new RSS to email service via Feedburner for the ipVA News feed. Sign up here.

I’ve also done the same with the Tangible IP feed — sign up for that here.

You can also follow Tangible IP through twitter (mostly just posts from this blog – you can still follow my personal twitter feed if you like).

Thanks for reading.

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Lexa 03.15.12 at 11:27 am

Agree completely. Although Novell go out of their way to play games with snaiyg they disagree with MS’ patent claims. The truth of the matter is they are dividing the community and they are essentially paying MS royalty. One can call that royalty anything one wants but it is ultimately feeding the patent claims and being leveraged by MS to justify further division and inroads in the community. I choose to not use Novell’s Suse/Opensuse at work. A small protest I know, but a significant one for me.

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