IP questions for VCs and PE

by Andrew Watson on 14 November 2008

A quick note to mention that we’ve put out a list of 10 questions related to IP for venture capitalists, private equity, and other investors to ask of their portfolio companies. My personal top three out of this list are:

1. What proportion of business value do IP and intangibles represent for your investment?

2. What is the business’s IP strategy and does it cover all IP assets, including patents, designs, trade marks, copyrights, know how/trade secrets and contractual IP? Is it written down and known throughout the business?


6. How is the core know-how protected? Does the company have identifiable trade secrets and a know-how control policy? Does this extend into all areas of the business?

For more, see the full list. Anything that you’d like to see added or any thoughts on the ten we selected? Please post a comment or contact me directly.

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