ipVA November updates

by Andrew Watson on 21 November 2008

Just a quick few notes about some things happening here at the blog and over at the ipVA site this week. I’m pleased to say that Chris Vigars has joined ipVA as a consultant. We’ve also released another guide as part of the Intangible Handbook — this week’s entry is on copyright. I’ve also done a bit of housekeeping and discovered that some of our feeds on the main site weren’t linking to the proper spot, so if you are interested, here is ipVA’s RSS feed.

Here at Tangible IP I’m going to be doing some more housekeeping and change around a few things and add a few features over the next few weeks.  Part of the changes I’ll be adding will reflect the addition of Rob Harrison of ipVA as one of our contributors — I’ll be looking to move the site to use more of group blog style theme elements.  All this change will be happening amidst a mini-holiday to Scotland for St Andrew’s Day and the start of the winter festival (after celebrating Thanksgiving in England!).

I’ll try my hand at scheduling some posts for while I’m away. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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