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January 2009

IPReader links for 28 January

by Andrew Watson on 29 January 2009

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Value of business intangibles over at IAM

by Andrew Watson on 26 January 2009

Just a quick note to say that there is an involved discussion on how to value intangibles as part of a company, which will be expanded in an upcoming issue of IAM by Nir Kossovsky of IAFS. The gist:

[T]hat corporate intangible values in the US … have collapsed over the last 12 to 18 months, from a median of 70% of market capitalisation to under 50% now.

This calculation (looks to me) to use the difference between cost of physical assets and the stock price of the company – broadly any intangibles.  IP makes up part of these intangibles, as does things like confidence of investors and reputation of the company. Pat Sullivan (in the comments and in another upcoming IAM article) proposes a different way of calculating the value of IP, based on its worth to the company.

My perspective it doesn’t matter how you calculate its value: IP is an underutilised and too often unmanaged asset. Calculating the number is an interesting exercise, and useful in a number of contexts, but the actual % still doesn’t change this fact.


MBAs and IP: Survey of course offerings

January 16, 2009

The previous post on this topic, MBA courses and IP: Introduction, outlined some thoughts on why IP should be a part of getting an MBA, particularly because intellectual property plays an increasing role in virtually every kind of business. Effectively managing and developing a business, more often than not, requires effectively managing and developing IP […]

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MBA courses and IP: Introduction

January 14, 2009

Neil Wilkof of Herzog, Fox & Neeman and the IP Finance blog teaches IP to MBAs and has related a number of his thoughts from this experience, both on IP Finance and in letters to IAM (Issue 33).  His recent letter to IAM about the importance of IP and teaching it to MBAs got me […]

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Open innovation at IP Finance

January 9, 2009

At the kind invitation of power blogger and IP impresario Jeremy Philips, I have a guest post up on IP Finance about open innovation in business and what it means from a practical and legal perspective – Open innovation in a business world. From the post: So to the IP lawyer, open innovation means transactional […]

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