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May 2009

IPReader links for 28 May

by Andrew Watson on 28 May 2009

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Accounting, intangibles, and the balance sheet

by Andrew Watson on 19 May 2009

We had a really interesting conversation with an accounting practice the other week about our approach to IP and their work on reporting within corporates on intangibles.  This was one of a series of conversations we’ve been having from people who see IP from the outside –> in,  while we here at ipVA are IP professionals seeking the broader IP context, and thus go inside –> out.

In short, this corporate reporting practice has been looking at moves to put IP on the balance sheet from the angle of accountants, while we examine ways to make IP more relevant to the business from the perspective of the legally trained. Each approach takes into consideration the other (we look at ways to move IP assets on to balance sheets and they consider the impact of the different IP rights, for example), but I think it is safe to summarize the approach in this way.

Some thoughts and questions that came out of this conversation:

  • Often the view is that if not in the financial statements then not important – both a part of the reason IP gets ignored and a reason to find ways to move it onto the balance sheet.
  • In small cap companies, the relationship is often more “personal” and so people will be looking beyond a “I-Capital statement” anyway.
  • How do you build confidence (internally and externally) around the forecasts in an I-Capital statement?

Incidentally, through this conversation I was made aware of World ICI (WICI), which with my other hat on, specifically sparked my interest in data.  They are working on, in part, data frameworks for corporate reporting through XBRL frameworks. XBRL stands for eXtensile Business Reporting Language and is way to, put simply, make business reports machine readable so that machines can do all sort of neat stuff with them.


5 steps for the IP world to take the press seriously

May 14, 2009

This post came out of a response to Joff Wild in his blog at IAM (itself a response to Neil at ipfinance), particularly this section: If journalists do not get IP and report it badly – or not in the way IP professionals would like (sometimes the two are not the same) – I would […]

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The IP ecosystem in Europe: IP generation, utilisation and anti-utilisation

May 12, 2009

This is a guest post from David Jones and Benoit Guerts of Exponent IP. Their discussion on the “IP ecosystem” as part of Benoit’s presentation in the European Catalyst webinar has generated quite a bit of interest, and they’ve kindly followed up with more. The IP ecosystem in Europe: IP generation, utilisation and anti-utilisation We […]

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When you say IP, what do you mean?

May 11, 2009

At ipVA we often run education sessions on IP and its relevance to business.  Just last week, Andrew was discussing this with a group of CEOs as part of the European Leadership Programme. In these sessions, we ask the businesses to rate where IP sits in relevance to their business: Is IP a 10 or […]

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ipVA updates: IIR PE event and downloads

May 8, 2009

Just a quick note about some of the things we’ve got going on here at ipVA. Andrew will be presenting as part of IIR’s three day Private Equity Seminar series on 21-23 July 2009 on “The Importance of Intellectual Property Assets for Private Equity”. Our article on Broken IP structures for Managing IP is now […]

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Patents as the wrong kind of signal

May 8, 2009

In an earlier post I discussed having patents as a signal to external (potential) investors and analysts about the quality of a company’s IP and that they take IP seriously. This is because: For some people, having a patent says: “We know about the IP system, we use it, and we are protected.” Conversely, if […]

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