A second week in the life of this IP strategist

by Andrew Watson on 26 October 2009

Let’s try the highlights of week 2.

I realised that week 1 was a little ambitious to repeat week on week. If nothing else it could get a little repetitive. As a variation, I thought I’d pick up on the highlights of week 2:

1. A blog post on the Apple and Nokia spat. We have done a fair amount of work in the Standards area in diligence and gained some super knowledge. Opinionated I know but this area is just so damn frustrating for business leaders and creates competitive disadvantages across markets and suppliers. At least it is yet another good business-based IP story, our role in which is to explain it to the lay reader.

2. A new idea. Not going to say much on this for the obvious reason but on Wednesday Stephen and I put ipVA through the same methodology as we put our clients through. With some startling results. And a new path, or at least a ladder to take us a few steps forward.

3. Rosie is born. We’ve been working on a process and method for IP assessment for around 12 months and it was conceived in around May 2008 and has hardened since. Jordan and I went to see a tax partner from a Big4 firm on Monday who described it as “compelling”. And, again, it did not let us down. Time and time and time again we seem to find a way to explain the unexplainable and to decipher intangibles to the non-IP audience. So, on Tuesday, Rosie was born as our product name for our methodology. She’ll grow up and flower over time but she’s very real.

4. Ownership, ownership, ownership. This drum needs to be banged over and over again. The number of times that people simply do not IP own what they think they IP own is amazing. Our small ownership issue of last week has taken the full week to unpick and at least now we have a plan to resolve it. How many times? I see this as akin to the owner of a home who when asked if he owns his house says “of course I do” but then realises that he doesn’t own his garage and only has a 3 year lease on the fourth bedroom. “Oh”, I just hadn’t realised”.

5. Creative ways of making it easy for clients to use us. I guess this is the benefit of our model, that we can speculate at little. This week has seen this hit a peak.

6. The perfect pitch. You know the day when it simply all comes together? Well for me this week it did. Aided by the lovely Rosie we simply in the words of Simon Cowell “nailed it” on one pitch this week. How pleasing is that.

A long week again and time for some downtime this weekend. Maria trounced me 6-2, 6-1, 6-2 last weekend in tennis so I’ve some recovery work on my pride to work on tomorrow.

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Jackie Hutter 10.27.09 at 11:53 am

Hi Jordan

Just wanted to let you know that, for the 2d week, I enjoyed your “week in the life” overview. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the analogy of ownership, and may use that myself. It is a great way to make it granular. It will also work the other way: you may think you paid for beachfront property, but when you actually visit, you find that it is on the water, but it is next to an oil refinery.

JS Hatcher 10.27.09 at 12:47 pm

Hi Jackie — I can take none of the credit. This “Week in the Life” and the last one is all Andrew. I like his analogy with the house as well, as I think it makes the whole thing much more concrete.

Glad you are enjoying the posts!

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