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by Andrew Watson on 8 September 2009


In our last post I developed some word clouds of out of the firms and professional associations out of the data in the IAM 250 listing of the world’s leading IP strategists that Joff and co. kindly set me up with. Next up, I’ve turned all of the world’s leading IP strategists as ranked by IAM into an interactive world map.

The full map has its own page on the blog at:
(it’s easier to use with a larger space)

You can choose the opacity and map data source (including my friends at Open Street Map) up in the top right corner. Along the side, you can scroll through all the IP strategists in alpha-by-first-name order to find them on the map. Each listing has their name and location and firm name, and for those that went for a full listing in the IAM 250 guide, I also had website URL data that has been added (if anyone feels like handcranking the remaining 170 or so URLs, just let me know and I’ll update the map).


Many of the IAM 250 cluster in certain areas such as the US and Europe, (Africa and South America are a little lonely) but the full extent of the clusters in the cities and regions are only really obvious when you zoom all the way in.

Take California for example:


Northern California is clearly a hotbed of activity with lots of people listed, but of course you’d expect that with Silicon Valley and the start up scene there.

If you zoom in to the Bay Area, you get lots more detail:


IP strategists like the peninsula, which having spent some time in Menlo Park, I can see why.

For those interested, the process involved first cleaning up the address data into a good format to use for geocoding. I then used the great tools at GPS Visualizer to geocode all the addresses, which in turn generates a set of Lat/Longs for each address. About 20% of them geocoded to the wrong address either because of international address formatting errors, differences in English spelling of foreign place names, or just needed tweaks on the data (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh is not in this Cairo for example). Add in some more tools at GPS Visualizer and hand editing the code with TextMate to add in HTML for the URL tags and add it to the map and voila – IAM 250 as an interactive map.

More thoughts and bar charts in a future post.

Thanks again to Joff and Gavin and the rest of the team at IAM for both producing the list and granting me access to their data. The data and IAM 250 listing is the copyright / database rights of IAM, with the geo data and map tools credits on the actual map. Screenshots of Google Maps used with permission. Special thanks to GPS Visualizer for making the tools available to help put this together.

What do you think?

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09.09.09 at 2:49 pm

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Marco Alexandre Saias 11.30.09 at 1:31 pm

Well, you can point us at IP SOLUTIONS™ as the first portuguese, Lisbon based, Strategic IP Company, since we are here to stay 😉

IP SOLUTIONS™ is Strategic IP Thinking

Great job with the map and the blog! Keep on!

JS Hatcher 11.30.09 at 2:59 pm

Hi Marco

Thanks for the comment and yours looks like an interesting company. The map shows the IAM 250 list, for 2008 and so I can’t really add in new people to it, but am planning on doing an updated version for the 2009 list. If you make the new list I’d be happy to list you there.


Marco Alexandre Saias 11.30.09 at 7:43 pm

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for your feedback!

I know this was doing around the IAM list.

My idea was to make the first contact with you guys and a sort of introduction of IP SOLUTIONS :)


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