MIP Webinar: Catalysing the European IP market

by Andrew Watson on 9 February 2009

Together with the team at Exponent IP, we’ve helped organise a webinar with Managing IP on the European IP services market on February 26 at 2pm GMT.

Speakers in the hour-long web seminar will:

  • Discuss where the global IP service market is heading;
  • Ask why Europe lags behind the US;
  • Explain the European perspective on IP services;
  • Highlight some of the practical approaches to IP valuation; and
  • Examine how to make IP a priority for CEOs.

Please see the direct event link or MIP Webinar page for more info.

This web seminar will be moderated by James Nurton of Managing IP and speakers will include:

Andrew Watson, ipVA

Benoit Geurts, Exponent IP

Ben Goodger, Rouse

Elizabeth Gutteridge, Deloitte LLP

UPDATE (HT to Jackie): And I should mention that the webinar is free (registration is required).

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Scott B Garrison 02.17.09 at 2:18 pm

Jordan, Unfortunately I will be unavailable at that time but would love whatever materials that you could provide. I work a great deal with my company in the European theater on strategization related to IP protection.

Scott Garrison

JS Hatcher 02.17.09 at 2:24 pm

No problem Scott – I will post a follow up afterwards. A recording of the webinar should be available after the live event from the same link as registration.

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