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July 2010

Just because this is so interesting, take a look at this just posted on Twitter via Hunch founder Chris Dixon.

I think we will be watching this one very carefully. As IV are typically very good at PR they should be responding any time now.

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Quick post–Motorola and Huawei lawsuit

by Andrew Watson on 24 July 2010

I’m in transit and not able to put out a full post on this one, but in the light of an increased focus on trade secrecy in our projects, this is an interesting story. Motorola seems to be claiming that Huawei systematically controlled 5 Motorola employees and directed them to steal Motorola’s confidential information. A fascinating story, fictional espionage or just the leaky IP reality of many Western businesses.


Trolling in cleantech-Paice & Toyota settle

July 20, 2010

It’s been a matter of debate for a while whether or not patent trolls would be allowed to impact the introduction of clean and green technologies, and whether or not, morally and legally, pure patent owners would be able to seek ITC bans or injunctions for supposedly infringing technologies. “Surely not”, cries the voice of […]

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Oh dear….looks who’s back (Thomas Campana’s legacy keeps on going)

July 9, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear. The NY Times reports overnight that those lovely trolls at NTP are back with a vengeance and on a new parasitic crusade to extort monopoly rent from the smartphone market. As any reader of this blog will know from recent posts I’m no lover of this sort of activity.  As ever the parasitic […]

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Handy Humper stopped at the border

July 2, 2010

A nice spicy story in the New York Daily News today. It would be an easy and cheap shot to follow the editor of the site and try a few double-entendres (fnaar, fnaar-gosh I’ve just remembered Finbarr Saunders  from Viz, left–is Viz still going?) but the heart of the story is about how powerful […]

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