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August 2010

Friends again-Microsoft and Salesforce settle

by Andrew Watson on 5 August 2010

In what is becoming a glut of interesting IP news at the moment, it’s reported today that MSFT and Salesforce have settled their patent spat.

It’s good speculation to wonder who the new troll on the block will bother with its new found confidence. The whole behaviour doesn’t feel very MSFT but you can’t disagree easily with the “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” logic and approach.


Telegraph Online endorses the IP Crusade

by Andrew Watson on 1 August 2010

A good spot from Heather Lycett of Blue Concept  on Twitter with a link to a Telegraph Online article.

Of course we agree, 100%, with the sentiment. We’ve previously commented that from our work, the UK seems behind even the best in Europe in seeing the value in IP, with the best in Europe being also behind the best in the World by several steps. Not yet too late but I’d personally prefer to see our new leader shouting about how the UK invests in what it’s good at and leading the World in IP in those areas than trying to haphazardly play Obama with only 1% of the charisma, and therefore only creating a negative impact on Brand UK. It’s not too late to apologise David, and I’d be polishing off my “Apologising for Dummies” guide, 2010 edition, before the Pakistani Prime Minister arrives this week.

Others are either more focused, business wise, or by the time we work it out, others will have captured all of the valuable IP real estate.  Wonder how this clear message could find its way into UK Government policy?

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IV officially not in trouble, ish!

August 1, 2010

That didn’t take tool long. IV’s VP of Finance responded to Joff Wild at IAM Blog with what looks like a sensible explanation of the valuation given whilst at the same time, as of course any fund would, staying on the right side of their investors. “The method UTIMCO has chosen to use in […]

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