I love Professor Joseph Hadzima Jr. …well I sort of half love him.

by Andrew Watson on 28 May 2010

Omigosh what a big IP news week. So much to talk about all condensed in one week. If I didn’t know the IP market better I’d almost call it a wave.

Thanks to one of our IP ambassadors, Giles Peddy at Hotwire PR http://www.hotwirepr.com/company.html we came across this today. Under the compelling title

Firms with strong intellectual property strategies fare better in raising capital

“Patents alone not enough, says MIT Sloan School of Management senior lecturer.”

CHECK…IT…OUT! MIT validate our business model.


I love the title. Love the first few paragraphs. Love the essence of the story. Then, oh no……….it turns into just another patents story.

It is still a great read. Still worth talking about, but to repeat, IP is not all about patents, and it’s not Mr Hadzima Jr, even just about managing patents better. IP is much much wider, and goes right to the heart of what makes a business special and sustainable. Often this is half a dozen items of core know-how, or a core skill or a relationship. Where patents are the most appropriate form of protection, I totally agree with the conclusion. But it is only a small part of the intangibles story. And let’s be truthful, many companies seeking investment only file patents because they’re seeking investment. Not because they truly believe in the system.

I’ll be using this piece of quality collateral though wherever I wander. Thank you Giles.

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Mary Adams 05.31.10 at 7:01 pm

Andrew- Glad to hear you beating on the drum about IP and IC…we need to continue to work together to understand the full intangible value creation process, which includes IP as an integral (but not the only) part of intangible capital. Mary

Andrew Watson 05.31.10 at 8:27 pm

Mary. It’s a permanent drum to bang. I think because patents are easy to see, easy to assess, easy to rate, compare, etc, pretty much the whole of the IP community by word association says IP=patents. I remember hearing John Dudas of the USPTO at the time saying at IPBC 2007 that “80% of the value of the S&P500 is made up of IP” and thinking, omigosh, this man has the ear of governments. At the Global IP Exchange event in March 2010 I talked on the topic of IP as a community needing a common language. I don’t think this has got any closer in my 9+ years in this game.

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