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October 2011


by Andrew Watson on 6 October 2011

It is a very sad day for everyone involved with ipVA and the technology world. Steve (like Bill) deserves and earned the right to be referred to by his first name only. No surname needed.

That alone generates a familiarity that makes someone like me feel like I knew him well even though I have only heard about him anecdotally. Like he’s a good friend, an influence, a coach or mentor.

Some of the best people I’ve met, those that leave the deepest mark, seem to have that ability to make even a group and anonymous experience feel deeply personal. The amazing Emily Bell, a yoga teacher at Studio 42 in Reading has it. I saw Tony Bennett at the Palladium on Monday. At 85 he can’t quite complete his 360 degree spins any more but his talent and modesty made it intensely personal. He has it.

And Steve had it, in fact has it. His legacy is an organisation that has rewritten the rules so many times, but done it the right way, that every time I walk into an Apple store it feels like Steve’s personality is all over every iPhone, iPad, i everything that I trust to purchase from people who make shopping a semi-erotic experience.

Unlimited respect Steve. Like Emily and Tony, you touched my soul and make me aspire to be better.