Nokia & Apple settle

by Andrew Watson on 14 June 2011

Reported on the newswires this morning, Nokia and Apple have settled their lawsuits.

As ever no details of terms but it should I think be safe to assume that Apple will be a large payer in the relationship. Rumours on Twitter PM UK today suggest that Nokia will receive $11 per phone as well as a large one-off payment. Wonder how Nokia will invest this?

Having started late its own IP creation activities in the 2/3/4G areas it was many years behind the early starters, Nokia included. One major disadvantage of being a late market entrant with the game-changing product (like RIM). We wonder if this leaves Apple vulnerable to others in the 2-4G club, Qualcomm, Ericsson etc.

It should be no surprise that Apple is amongst the bidders for the Nortel portfolio. Having seen its margins eroded by IP licenses it needs to find ways of rebalancing the books by having its own portfolio.

Our suggestion–co-bid with Google!

As a Ps to this story, when we last looked at Apple’s financial statements we could not find a specific accrual for essential patent licenses. Odd we thought then and still think now.

As a PPS to this story, some good speculation on the license terms here.

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