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June 2012

To ARM’s Chief IP Counsel Sam Funnell (Ben pronouced it Funnel but I thought the emphasis is on the second syllable).

Sitting next to Sherry Knowles (ex GSK head of IP)  and hearing Sherry say that she “totally disagrees” with you is not easy territory. But Sam is a true Brit. Her comment that

” in Arm, I am responsible for IP, but that my board and management are responsible for Arm’s intellectual, human and relationship capital”

 gets the Tangible IP award for the most sophisticated comment at IPBC, and maybe of 2012.

No wonder Arm has now shipped more microprocessors than Intel. A perfect IP model. Would love to run our benchmark on them.


Another very urgent change at the top needed before reputation and brand collapse. Go now Bob and show some leadership. You take your bonuses and by doing so misread entirely the public mood. Then when bad things happen you don’t show leadership by stepping aside and taking the blame onto your shoulders. You are not the man to take Barclays forward. Bye.


IAM, issue 54-observations

June 29, 2012

Reading IAM issue 54, two quick observations. Twitter’s patent policy is the subject of the Insights section. It’s not clear who wrote this but it may just miss one key point, which is why Twitter has put its Innovator’s Patent Agreement in place. To summarise, Twitter’s VP of Engineering Adam Messinger has implemented an agreement and […]

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Brands that deserve to die, Part 2. Sepp Blatter (no balls at FIFA HQ)

June 28, 2012

I like this series. I might rename it “why changing the guy at the top can change the whole perception of your organisation”. Like the mightily dislikeable Michael O Leary, Sepp Blatter’s tone from the top of FIFA does it a dis-service. Pick your words from the following list and feel free to add any […]

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Reflections on IPBC2012

June 27, 2012

Executive summary Great networking and catching up with old friends Patchy content Telecoms fixated Patent dominated Not a great dinner venue for Monday, particularly for an epileptic A market on the move, but still too patent focussed  A lovely hotel and a unique room Overall rating 7/10 I’m not sure what more to say. I’ll […]

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IPBC 2012, IP more like a 6 year old than at a Tipping Point

June 25, 2012

Executive summary. Opportunity missed to set the business tone. Is IP at a Tipping Point? According to IPBCs keynote opening address it is. Six speakers on the keynote panel, four US accents (very able but why, do we not have talent in Europe?), three officers from the patent and trademark offices in the US and […]

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