Brands that are about to die…why Joey Barton and Al-Assad are from the same mould

by Andrew Watson on 20 July 2012

If you’re not from the UK, you may not be familiar with the weird combination of part footballer, part philosopher, part hooligan, part socialist, part nutcase, all conundrum that is Joey Barton. More on Joey in later posts, he may yet feature in this series but I’ve not yet made up my mind as to whether to like and sympathise with him or view him as an advanced Neanderthal that represents all things bad about UK society.

For the purposes of this post, here is Joey in worst form. Joey’s explanation for his assault on Sergio Aguero,  claimed on Twitter, was that his violent actions were a cynical ploy to provoke a City player to be sent off.  He insisted via Twitter that he had “not lost his head but that a team-mate suggested I should try to take one of theirs with me”.

Make your own mind up on that one. If you’re still unsure, watch Joey’s face as he knees Aguero in the back and ask whether he was keeping his head at the time or whether it was not just 100% malice.

And the relevance to Bashar Al-Assad? Well, if he ever takes to Twitter, his current actions and those to follow in the next few weeks will be explained with something along the same lines. He is going, without a doubt, so he decides to “take a few with him”.

It will not be a pleasant end, and some lucky Syrian is going to be the one that finds him cowering in some bunker, humiliated and looking a little pale. He may try the trick of one of Gaddafi’s sons and claim he’s a sheep herder.  Maybe he’ll try the “leave me alone, I’ve been a good leader” trick tried by Gaddafi himself, but all will fail and some lucky Syrian will have the privilege of bringing his cowardly and despotic reign to an end. Although he will not be around to see it, the bodies of himself and anyone associated with him will be then shown publicly until buried at sea or out in the desert.

Either way Bashar, you’re going. You have a very short window in which to retain a scrap of dignity, and maybe your life, rather than taking thousands with you. Straight choice, but you cannot win.

He is now being consigned to history. Wonder who’s next?

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