Brands that really deserve to die, Sepp (aka P1) speaks

by Andrew Watson on 13 July 2012

Sepp Blatter did his already junk-bond status reputation further damage with his remarkable remarks to the Joao Havalange and son in law scandal this week.

Try this one and at first glance the “not my fault” explanation feels semi plausible:

“You can’t judge the past on the basis of today’s standards,” he said. “Otherwise it would end up with moral justice.”

Then you think about, having just heard his admission that he is P1 and that he personally authorised a payment from FiFA to the Swiss courts to cover up the case against Mr Havalange and think….ay? You are kidding though. I thought he was a twat, now he’s showing himself to be a total twat!

Calls to step down are like calls to stop bombing and slaughtering his people to Bassar Al-Assad. Only force will stop these despots, words mean nothing and with cronies and zero governance, all they can do is lash out at their critics and hope that they can silence the most damaging ones, and Joey Barton like, try to take a few with them as they go down.

It took Mervyn King’s intervention to extract Diamond Bob’s ugly moral code. Who is the Mervyn equivalent here who can step in and take Sepp out before he drags football’s reputation to increasingly lower levels.

A game I love, a man that we all hate.

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