Ryanair I forgive you..I was wrong….

by Andrew Watson on 16 July 2012

Ha! Fooled you. No of course I don’t. Travel chaos today as my host for a weekend in Bergerac (he will remain nameless) got us to the airport on what he thought was time to find our FlyBe 13.15 flight sitting on the tarmac ready to leave, at 13.15. Oops.

Imagine though the joy of knowing that Ryanair was there to save me. You know, give them their dues, their one, very full flight to Dordogne has opened up the region for tons of tourists to visit this lovely part of South West France, but that’s enough of being nice. The person behind the desk was actually quite apologetic as he told us that the next flight would cost £268 each, and, here is the rub, £100 for my suitcase. He was so embarrassed that he gave us priority boarding out of sympathy. I hope I don’t get him into trouble but it actually showed that, given a touch of humanity, Ryanair could just evolve into a half decent customer experience.

Despots around the world are falling fast. Al-Assad is on his last legs and will be planning his escape route if he has any sense. Diamond is gone. Blatter has become such an embarassment to the Swiss he’s planning his retirement. Micheal o Leary, start saying goodbye. You know it’s right to go. You can start to travel..make sure you get speedy boarding, and, if using Ryanair, make sure you print out your boarding pass.

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