Special Award, post IPBC for the Most Sophisticated Comment

by Andrew Watson on 30 June 2012

To ARM’s Chief IP Counsel Sam Funnell (Ben pronouced it Funnel but I thought the emphasis is on the second syllable).

Sitting next to Sherry Knowles (ex GSK head of IP)  and hearing Sherry say that she “totally disagrees” with you is not easy territory. But Sam is a true Brit. Her comment that

” in Arm, I am responsible for IP, but that my board and management are responsible for Arm’s intellectual, human and relationship capital”

 gets the Tangible IP award for the most sophisticated comment at IPBC, and maybe of 2012.

No wonder Arm has now shipped more microprocessors than Intel. A perfect IP model. Would love to run our benchmark on them.

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Nick White 06.30.12 at 10:00 am

Given that ARM has 90% of the mobile market and has arrived where they are with virtually no patents is great for IP. They are pure IP. Now Intel with a different model has cranked up their interests in the mobile space e.g. InterDigital patents. This has created a lot of chatter about the two approaches. So we wait and see where this will lead. ARM, I know, see the threat clearly but the solution may not be so obvious. Definitely one to watch from an IP strategy perspective.

I can’t help myself. I think she meant to say or I hope she meant to say:

“in Arm, I am responsible for advising the board about IP, but that my board and management are responsible for Arm’s intellectual, human and relationship capital in addition to conventional IP.”

Although the business is nothing without its IP ARM does not have the person responsible for their IP on the board or even as a member of the executive committee. If she was responsible for IP, she would be on the board. Close but not perfect.

Andrew Watson 06.30.12 at 5:02 pm

Nick, you’re like my 12 year old. Unless you’re going to say something nice and positive I’m going to have to put you in time out. In our house that means you’re doing the hoovering. :-)

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