Why Apple will hit $1650 by 2015-great article on Forbes.com

by Andrew Watson on 26 March 2012

Try this for a prediction. According to Forbes.com Apple will hit $1650 per share by 2015 and be worth over $1.6trillion.

I’ve had this theory for a while, bringing this back to IP, that Apple’s patent fights of 2011-12 and the panic buying of MMI by Google are about one thing–the price for community access. Apple, in my theory, is building the World’s largest community and hasn’t even started monetising it yet. But its major difference over say Facebook or Google is that it is a deeply personal and intensely pleasurable thing to be part of the Apple community. A community that doesn’t compromise on substance or style. A community users want to be part of and which could pervade all parts of a user’s life.

Ask me for my payment details and to process all my payments through Apple-done, ask me to use Apple as my search provider-done. To be my social network provider-done. In fact, ask just about anything and the answer is yes of course.

And why? Because there is no compromise and Apple is trusted by an increasingly large community. Who know that Apple makes things feel good and makes them simple and stylish. Trust. As simple as that.

My theory expands into imagining what keeps Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg awake at night. Answer. Apple competing in their core markets. Search 3.0 and Social Media 2.0.

And what should but probably doesn’t keep various banking giants awake at night. Answer, Apple competing in their core retail banking markets. I don’t think the banks will even see it coming.

There’s a deep IP angle to this.

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