Yahoo! and Facebook IP spat

by Andrew Watson on 28 February 2012

It doesn’t take too long for the next high profile IP story to come along with the New York Times breaking the news that Yahoo! has started negotiations with Facebook to license 10-20 of its patents.

Yahoo! had a sophisticated IP team led by Joe Siino, now running his own firm Ovidian with what appears to be several of his old Yahoo! IP colleagues. Facebook, last we looked anyway, didn’t have a dedicated in house IP capability.

Another example of one of the pioneers in a market being asked by its board “so amongst all of this IP we have, can we start using it to generate revenues” and “if not, why not?”.

Interesting that Facebook claims that Yahoo! called the NYT at the same time as it called Facebook. That’s troll behaviour isn’t it?

More to follow.

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