Effects of New Technology on Modern Conveniences of Life


No doubt, as technology improves, societies can change dramatically with the implementation of such technological advances. In order to fully understand the impact that these improvements have on everyday life, one only needs to look back 100 years ago. In fact, the last century has been the setting of more improvements in technology than all of the rest of recorded history combined. Because of this, the convenience of modern life has made it so that the average middle-class human household does not have to do much, if any, manual subsistence to keep their homes in their ideal state. Within the last ten years, this technology of customization combined with extreme convenience has made its way into how we control the comfort level of our homes, including customized climate control.

For instance, if a person’s stated goal is to save money on their cooling costs during the summer, they can install programmable thermostats that control not only the air conditioning unit, but certain other appliances, such as the house fan, to achieve the desired level of comfort in the home at all times. This provides an escape from the incessant guessing until one reaches the temperature desired. These new thermostats work hand-in-hand with Android and iOS devices, allowing for reports of electrical usage by certain appliances and more, all aimed at allowing the resident to control their home climate and environment in levels not seen before in all of human history.

For instance, if someone were to install one of these devices, and schedule it to create a log of how much power was used during a 24-hour period, and then view the long on an hour-by-hour basis to see which period of time during the day used the most power. Then, this individual could program their new smart thermostat to automatically turn the ceiling fan on at its highest level during that time, so as to circulate the already cool air all around the home, thus causing the electrical efficiency to rise in such a manner that there will be a marked decrease in the amount of the monthly electricity bill.

It is amazing to think at how far human civilization has come in the name of advancing the human culture. Technology has the power to bring society to great places, but it is also important to understand that such power is only beneficial if it is in the hands of a morally good person. It is entirely possible that these conveniences that society has become accustomed to could eventually cause us to lose our sense of culture and identity. So far, the quality of life has been improved drastically because of advances in wireless technology and technology in general. However, the jury is still out as to where human society will be twenty years from now, as technology continues to mature.

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