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IPReader links for 4 August

by Andrew Watson on 4 August 2009

New and noteworthy links from around the web:


ipVA in the IAM 250

by Andrew Watson on 1 June 2009

This is pretty cool. Not least because ipVA made it on to the list, but also because I note that the list includes Tangible IP friends Jackie Hutter and Duncan Bucknell. IAM Magazine has created a new list of 250 of The World’s Leading IP Strategists, the IAM 250.

In creating the list, IAM went through a process of interviews (phone, in-person, and emails), and to get on it, IP professionals had to have three recommendations and then be confirmed through independent research on their level of contribution. IAM says about the need for the list:

The IAM 250 is a major and unique new publication. There are any number of guides that claim to identify leading trademark, patent and copyright litigators, or IP experts in a particular field of industry. But to our knowledge, no research has previously been done specifically to identify consultants, intermediaries and financiers, as well as lawyers and attorneys, whose primary skill set is focused on helping IP owners to increase the value of their rights portfolios.

In short, this listing looks at the wider IP ecosystem rather than the narrow band of IP legal professionals, which I’ve been loosely calling the “IP services market”.  Frequent ipVA collaborator and consultant Tom Ewing and both of our co-founders (and fellow Tangible IP bloggers), Andrew Watson and Rob Harrison, have all made it on to the IAM 250,

Out of Andrew’s original post on IAM’s search (back in October) and his recommendations,  Duncan BucknellSeverin de Wit, and Craig Opperman all made it on to the list.

The focus of the listing on IP strategy can only mean good things for this growing group of professionals as we figure out the models, partnerships, and strategies behind the IP strategy sector.


IPReader links for February 16th

February 16, 2009

New and noteworthy links from around the web:

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IP strategy definition

February 11, 2009

I‘ve been doing a lot of writing over the past six weeks about IP, IP strategy, and how it relates to businesses, including for an upcoming article with Andrew for Managing IP. In the process, I found that there wasn’t any short and simple definition of “IP strategy”. Here is my proposed definition of IP […]

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IP strategy events: New York

February 10, 2009

Two interesting IP strategy events, both put on by World Research Group, both in New York, and both featuring Jackie Hutter.  The titles alone are enough to make me want to pack my bags for a trip across the Atlantic: 6th Annual Summit on Monetizing and Maximizing IP,  4-5 March 2009 | New York, NY […]

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MBA courses and IP: Introduction

January 14, 2009

Neil Wilkof of Herzog, Fox & Neeman and the IP Finance blog teaches IP to MBAs and has related a number of his thoughts from this experience, both on IP Finance and in letters to IAM (Issue 33).  His recent letter to IAM about the importance of IP and teaching it to MBAs got me […]

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Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers at LBF

November 25, 2008

I had the good fortune of attending the London Business Forum‘s event with Malcolm Gladwell this morning, where he discussed some of the themes in his latest book, Outliers, and what he’s been thinking about since. Having received a copy of the book only today as part of the event, I can only comment on […]

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Consulting firms and IP

November 18, 2008

Last week I was having an informal conversation with some colleagues who also happened to be from a consulting business (but not IP or legal consulting). Over an excellent pub lunch on a rainy London day, we got to talking about IP (naturally enough when I’m involved in a conversation) and its role for consultants. […]

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Beyond IPRs: strategy around DRM

October 14, 2008

I just finished reading the analysis by EFF‘s Fred von Lohman of the RealDVD case, Why Hollywood Hates RealDVD, and it highlights pretty well other strategies beyond using intellectual property laws directly to try to protect a position, specifically around DRM. The case involves software that creates a back up copy of a DVD onto […]

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Top IP strategists – further thoughts on IAM’s search

October 9, 2008

This is a guest post from fellow ipVA member and CEO Andrew Watson. Andrew will contribute to Tangible IP from time-to-time on areas of IP strategy and around contractual IP. As my first post onto our blog, I’ll first pay Jordan the compliment of having been so disciplined and persistent in getting this and our […]

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