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US IP conferences for EU based IP professionals

by Andrew Watson on 4 September 2008

The United States is generally quite a leader in IP – based in large part upon the size and sophistication of the companies located there and on the frequency of litigation (thus making for more decisions to dissect and frequent adjustments to the law around current practice). As a result, it can be quite important to keep up with the latest trends and news in IP from the across the Atlantic.

So I’ve been doing some research and putting out some feelers for what both US and EU based intellectual property professionals consider the most worthwhile of conferences and events to attend. After-all, even with a weaker dollar it is still an expensive proposition to make the trek to the US for any conference – and not to mention the large time commitment and joys of transatlantic travel.

October 2008 – two week IP extravaganza

This year the European traveller could have a two week, multi-state IP adventure and attend three well-regarded IP conferences: the LES and AIPLA 2008 annual meetings and the Ocean Tomo Fall 2008 IP Conference – all from October 19th to 30th.

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LES Britain and Ireland Open Source event

by Andrew Watson on 3 September 2008

Our UK and Ireland branch of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) is having an event on open source on Wednesday 10th September 2008 at 5:30 PM (speakers starting at 6). From the event description (DOC file):

Free and open source software has had a radical impact on how we – both individuals and businesses – use and develop software. At this event, three speakers will discuss open source software from three different perspectives. We will hear an introduction to the subject from an IP and IT barrister (ed note – David Harris mentioned below). This introduction will be followed by commentaries by two speakers from very different places in the IT world: Mark Lange of Microsoft and Gerry Gavigan of the Open Source Consortium.

The event will also feature blogger, IP/IT barrister, and Open Rights Group board member David Harris and former IMPACT blogger (now at Shoosmiths) Alex Newson will chair the event.

The event will be at Withers LLP, 16 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EG. Cost for LES Members is £20.00, non-members is £40.00. An optional dinner will follow (venue to be confirmed) for £35.00

Posting information about IP events will be a regular feature here on Tangible IP.  I’m looking into how we will get it set up so that we can have a well integrated calendar with the site. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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