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Managing IP

IP strategy definition

by Andrew Watson on 11 February 2009

I‘ve been doing a lot of writing over the past six weeks about IP, IP strategy, and how it relates to businesses, including for an upcoming article with Andrew for Managing IP. In the process, I found that there wasn’t any short and simple definition of “IP strategy”. Here is my proposed definition of IP Strategy, cross-posted from the main ipVA site for discussion here:

IP Strategy – (a/k/a IPR Strategy) The central playbook around intellectual property and how it supports the business.

I’ve included some IP strategy examples as well:

  • Lock out competitors from the next generation of product;
  • Avoid and design around an aggressive competitor; or
  • Maintain market lead through secrecy.

Any thoughts or comments?


IPReader | Managing IP – November Issue

by Andrew Watson on 28 November 2008

Some highlights of November’s issue of Managing IP – which I’ve now had time to read through: