Why Did We Invent a New Portable Car Jack

Car jacks are one of the most essential tools which are mostly used for lifting cars, trucks and other kind of vehicles. The technique of lifting car is not new. There are two types of jacks, mechanical and hydraulic. The mechanical cars such as scissor jacks are screw jacks are technically old and at times it is difficult to use them in alone, because it requires some amount of force. However, scissor jacks are still common and preferred by the car owners. Whereas, the hydraulic jacks can show a great result using less force. In fact, the tiny bottle jacks are not only easy to carry but are also good in terms of lifting capacity.

Thanks to the inventor of hydraulic jack, Richard Dudgeon who discovered this life saving equipment. Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, there is no help nearby and it takes a substantial amount of time for a mechanic to reach your location. The thought of it is scary!

The hydraulic theory uses Pascal’s law. It says that if a small cylinder and a big cylinder is interconnected, the force applied in the small cylinder will result in a pressure which is same in the large cylinder, but as the big cylinder has larger area the force will be greater.

When you are out on a road trip you essentially search for a car jack which is easy to use and gives a great result. But is it really easy to select the correct model? Most people prefer bottle jacks over the trolley or floor jacks, because of size, weight and usability. But it is not completely safe to use bottle jacks. Here’s why- there are chances of leaking or sudden accident of the saddle comes down. In some cases it has been noted that the saddle automatically collapsed without the mechanic’s notice. The same thing also happened with trolley jacks. The floor or trolley jacks are undoubtedly more powerful but is it safe to use them on the road?

To address all these existing issues we have invented new portable jacks which after years of expertise. The new portable jacks are safe to use and has a great lifting capacity. These jacks can lift your vehicle in seconds and possess a great strength to support your vehicle for longer duration.

When you use a portable car jack, please ensure you have read and understood the technical definition, mechanism and tested the jacks on quality. Always check the car jack before you start your journey. The new portable car jacks have two parallel jacks to lift the vehicle efficiently.

Things you should check in your portable car jack:

  • The valve is tightened and locked.
  • There is no leakage.
  • There is no congestion.
  • Certification on quality.
  • Weight
  • Budget

It is not difficult to use a portable jack, the basic idea and the theory is the same. Thanks to modern technology that it is not difficult to fix your car or truck when you are alone.

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